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How often do you lose track of how it all hangs together. Often – Well, here are the pages that are managed by Spacial Audio themselves. If these pages get updated or changed – you will still have the latest information. MusicHair

SAM Broadcaster Cloud Basics 

How SAM Broadcaster Cloud operates.

SAM Broadcaster Technical Support and HowTo Wiki

SAM DJ Technical Support and HowTo Wiki

SAM Cast Technical Support and HowTo Wiki

The first one, SAM Broadcaster Cloud Basics contains an important caveat .

NOTE: This document refers specifically to SAM Broadcaster Cloud and not SAM Broadcaster Cloud Live Streaming which is provided by the integration of SAM Broadcaster Pro or the use of SAM Broadcaster Live-DJ.

In short, SAM Broadcaster Cloud Live Streaming uses both SAM Broadcaster Pro operating on your station based Computer platform, integrated upstream with SAM Broadcaster Cloud. The two work together to give you Live Streaming with Live Backup in case of your Station Failure. It also provides you with a powerful stream that is US based on big servers with lots of bandwidth. In reality this means that you only have a single stream of 128kbps for example going spline to the Spacial servers, where it is managed by the Broadcaster Cloud servers. Listeners then connect to the stream at that mount point, not to your local computer, soaking up all your own bandwidth. Ok, the cost is a little higher in this case, but the basic package gives you 40 listeners – you can upgrade to get more – and with your playlist also stored on the Cloud servers, when/if your computer based station goes down (it’s running windows right?) the Cloud station just takes right over, instantly switching tracks to the playlist stored there. Effectively – your station is never off air. Now that’s just to nice.


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