PAL Code Samples

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 14.34.31PAL Quick Start Guide Overview:

PAL is short for Playlist Automation Language and was developed to give station owners full power over their music rotation. The goal was that for anything a station playlist programmer could dream up – PAL would be able to achieve it. Today hundreds of SAM Broadcaster users use the power of PAL to completely automate major functions of their station, including switching DJ’s, running two-for- Tuesday, hourly news, precise scheduled jingles and advertisements and even downloading content into their rotation. In this document we aim to quickly teach you the basics of PAL scripting and provide enough realworld examples to get you started.
At first PAL scripting might seem very daunting to any new user, but just stick with it for a while and you will quickly realize the power you can wield in automating your daily tasks. It is certainly worth the sweat and tears after you have overcome the initial learning curve. And if you get stuck, the online Spacial forums and here, are a great place to get help – as long as you do not expect anybody to write your complete PAL script for you! You should always post your script and then ask specific questions on what you need help with. This guide is not a replacement for the general SAM Help and PAL documentation!

The PAL Coding samples I use every day, are listed for your use on the pages listing below this page in the top menu bar.

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