Tutorials for Programming the Mac OSX, using XCode, beginning on Version 5.1.1. These tutorials will NOT be any good for iOS, and iOS tutorials are of little use when trying to make Mac Apps. The fundamentals are quite different.

While I know the versions will be moving soon – or will have already if you read this post move – to Version 6.x.x, it should not matter, as the fundamentals remain the same. If you have to make changes – XCode will usually alert you.

The First tutorial will cover Drawing with Quartz 2D. … Gakkkk! you say. Well, let’s not beat about the bush here. Show me a nice little tutorial on this, and I’ll be most surprised. The Apple documentation is vast – and usually about as foggy as a London pea-soup fog. And that’s where we are starting. With the Apple Documentation. However. what I will do if I can, is work my way through it, little bit by little bit, so you can follow along.

The Apple Quartz 2D Programming Guide is here. Fortunately, it’s also in PDF format, so you can download it and if you can get to the Big Printer In the Corner Of The Office … you can print it out. Hopefully even do it double sided so it results in only 70 pages, not 140 sheets of paper off your quota. However – you may not need it. But it’s good to have.

Now before you can even think of using that Guide to cut some code with and make things work, you need to understand some basic stuff. I will assume you are a real beginner like I was yesterday… and are even now crying out “Where do I begin…”

We are going to start with this little object from the Apple Quartz 2D Programming Guide,

Graphics Contexts

cocoa_draw-Creating a Window Graphic


But naturally we can’t just start there. We need to create a useable Mac OSX App to embed it all in.

… and that’s QuartzTutorial01 With lots of pictures and comments. Under the OSX tab above, or via this link.



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