Bitcoin on the Mac


Just to bring it up to date. The old page post is below, and still there under the pages menu. But …

I’ve been running BitcoinMiner for some time now, on and off on the old Windows 10 Laptop I have. Just set and forget… but hey, It’s made me £1.40 so far. It only runs on and off. I couldn’t be bothered most times, but set it, and let it run for a week, and pushing the proceeds into my BTC Wallet.

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Scan Code = 1GUym8dmWSHVQviHeVCdorZU98ZEeAmuFg

Now interestingly as well, I have a small Antminer USB1 stick hanging off the Mac as well. It’s chugging away, and I’m not sure if it will make me any money in time .. but it’s still interesting watching it run. I’m using MacMiner by Fabulous Panda for that. The software still runs fine – and it’s also on Github, so I may just recompile it one day so it’s up to date code. Maybe this week even.

But it works. Same deal, I have a number of mining pools I’ve tried, and it’s steadily sending accepted bits to the main pool.

I just brought a Gridseed USB 5 chip miner for £25 – that’s dirt cheap. And will have that running this week, same, using MacMiner.

When I get this all up and running nicely, I’ll put the information up here.

If you read the forums, everyone is screaming “Don’t Do It” it costs money, you’ll go blind, your mother will hate you, your girl friend will leave you. The sky will fall on you… I’ve even had one person on a forum swear at me? Say what? Who gives a toss, really. Haven’t these people ever heard of hobbies?

and this is fun. I could win the lotto, and mine a whole block of coins.
Message from pool 3: Authorised, welcome to nicehash lotto 1GUym8dmWSHVQviHeVCdorZU98ZEeAmuFg!


anyway, if you are interested – I will be putting up the how to’s that I used.



This text is from the Page post I put uup some time back.

Discussions on Bitcoin mining on the Mac. Particularly using MacMiner, and on Windows 10, using Bitcoin Miner.

You won’t make a fortune, you won’t make much at all in fact, but it is a bit of fun and still do’able, even for us small folk.


It’s no longer being developed, but it is being supported still. Which is very nice. You can download it from here. It has the unlikely site name of FabulousPanda. It can be a bit tricky to use, but stay with it. It’s nice. You can also download the source from Github if you are that keen to get into the internals. It compiles under XCode very nicely.

One major word of caution. It comes as a stand alone binary. Put it where ever you like to run it. Why not under Applications? But, it uses a configuration file that it looks for – but doesn’t create by default, in

/Users/your-name/Library/Application Support/MacMiner/bfgurls.conf

You have to create the MacMiner folder, and the file bfgurls.conf

Second Warning: Use vim in Terminal to create the bfgurls.conf file – if it’s not a PURE unix text file, the JASON interpreter that MacMiner uses will barf on the file. Big headaches.

This is an example bfgurls.conf file. In fact this is my working list of pools. Feel free to send me bitcoins to any of those addresses – just enough for a beer would be nice …

"pools" : [
                "url"  :  "stratum+tcp://",
                "user" : "1GUym8dmWSHVQviHeVCdorZU98ZEeAmuFg.0",
                "pass" : "x"
		"url"  : "stratum+tcp://",
		"user" : "17FrGCZZNGtrruYkY8ZTUrRzeA9891Qd6E.1",
		"pass" : "x"
                "url"  : "stratum+tcp://",
                "user" : "ShanghaiTimes.worker1",
                "pass" : "x"


For those of you who may have spent a bit of time already mining, you will quickly realise that two of them are Lotto pools, and the last one is a ‘standard’ mining pool.