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Radio Daze

Radio Daze

By R.A.Chalmers

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Radio Daze gives you 4 of the best streaming radio stations there are. No fussing about trying to find a suitable station, these stations cover the easy genres. Easy to use, just open up, select your station, and within moments you are listening to the stream. Almost no advertising, very little talk, just the music. Lead from the top by the company station, Quantum Radio.
No in app purchases required. You’ve got the whole deal. If you have questions, you can email us right from the app itself. How convenient is that?
Written in the latest code by an expert in the business, and rebuilt by us specifically for our own station, Radio Daze is designed for simplicity of use, and maximum pleasure.


iPhone Screenshots

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There is a whole world of Applications just waiting. Written for the iPhone/iPad Apple, WitchHunt-screen568x568these apps are constantly being develop. Everything from a little game for the kids called Witch Hunt, that you will love. It’s very noisy for such a small game, and can be guaranteed to drive you crazy on those long drives with the kids in the back seat…

Then of course there is the Quantum Radio streaming app. This app is tied to Quantum Radio. QR-screen322x572No other station at all. Just this one… Don’t you just love it. QR – Just the App.Of course, your can download it here. From the app store.

There are others of course. Just follow the links from the man navigation bar.

QikMsg is a favourite with the Road Warriors. Not shown in this version, but the update also has email. It doesn’t read qikmsg-screen568x568messages, there is no login, it just SENDS messages. Email, Twitter, Facebook and Weibo and TencentWeibo – Two Chinese message sites.

The update will be out in November, adding email to the list. Don’t mess about logging in, waiting for mail to download, reading messages etc etc – just tap the button, type in your message, and send. What could be easier.

One of the nice ones, one that is proving very popular, is DayTime. This neat little app simply does that. It sits on the device, and shows a nice photo background to the words that show the current DAY, and Time. DayTime-screen568x568It’s especially designed to make life a little easier to those in the community who unfortunately are suffering from Dementia, or alzheimer’s, or perhaps some other form of debilitating illness. Even for someone laying long term in a hospital bed, this helps to keep track of time. DayTime – a very useful app for that spare device.

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