Ethereum-Wallet MAC

This is a few notes on the Mist Ethereum-Wallet, that comes with geth, the sync and mining binary.

Both come in the downloadable package for the Ethereum Wallet – also called Mist. Be sure to check for updates on a regular basis, as it’s always a work in progress. Ethereum is very new.

So download your Mist wallet. Unpack to a directory of your choice.

You can run it, and check out how it looks. It will immediately start to synchronise the blockchains – which can take ages and ages. Let it run for the moment. It can’t hurt.

Create your account, and take it out of Test mode. It’s all on the Menu. You want it in live mode. Create your account, and note the Wallet address. You need it. Save it. Store it safely. Put it in a million places …. if you lose it, you can’t get to your wallet!

My current one is: —unlock 0xC9B74488B8E699B54803464A33d57cffF7Eb052c

The program stores data in a number of places.

—datadir “/Users/robert/.ethereum”

–ipcpath ~/Library/Ethereum/geth.ipc

Firstly -0 you can’t mine until the entire blockchain is synchronised. So, stop and exit your Mist wallet, and go to the directory where you have the binaries. Where you unpacked it.

Type in.

./geth removedb and hit entger. It will ask you if you really want to remove the db. Answer y for yes.

Now type

./geth –fast and hit enter.

At this point go away. Make a cup of tea. Go on a trip to town. Go to the pub. Go 5,000 miles away. it says “fast” but it still takes a long time…. hours in fact.


In slightly different detail

For those like me who are getting their feet wet in this Ethereum mining … pool, as with Bitcoin mining, there are lots and lots of people who say “Dont’ bother. Run away. You will never make any money.” Well “yaa, boo, sux” to them. I’m investigating this because it’s interesting, and will be as big as the Internet in a day or so.
And things change. Things change daily. And there is money to be made. Not much admittedly, but some.

So after much head scratching – because yes, there are no DOCs, and what there is is often out of date by days, or even years at worst.
<b class=”Bold”>So this is what I have finally managed.</b>
I have the Mist, Ethereum-Wallet  installed on my Mac Mini. 16Gb RAM, 2TB Storage. A built up Late 2012 model. Not the fastest kid on the block, but what I can afford.
That unpacks into it’s own directory, that you can put anywhere you like. In that directory is two programs. One is called Ethereum-Wallet – with a Diamond as the icon. That’s the GUI. Don’t run that first actually, although you can if you want to have a look at it. It starts up in Test mode anyway. That’s fine. Create your valid account later. But the big secret is. Nothing will happen usefully until the whole thing synchronises the blocks. And there are millions … it can take days. So here’s what you do. You use the other program that comes with it called ‘geth’ to start the synchronising. It’s command line, so you need to be in a Terminal window.
<b class=”Bold”>First: Start Ethereum-Wallet to create the required system storage directories, then stop it.</b>
cd to the directory where you put your unpacked program bundle, and type this in.
./geth –fast –ipcpath /Users/robert/Library/Ethereum/geth.ipc
Press enter.
Note the –ipcpath option. Replace my name – robert – with your user account name on your mac. It’s your home directory. ok.

Now, go away for a few days. Go 5,000 miles away. Change your name. Begin a new life. … because synchronising will take like – forever.

Once it settles down, and starts pulling in blocks. You can watch the count by starting Ethereum-Wallet. Point Finder at it and double click. Once it starts, It will show you a running count of what is done, and what is left to do.
You can’t mine until it’s finished…..
When you come back in a few days, months, years…

The next thing is Mining. Ahhh, show me the money. For this I will be using AlethZero. And guess what. A really nice package is available that contains AlethZero – a nice Ether mining app that runs ONLY on ElCaptain, and Yosemite. If you are pre that, forget it. Roll your own with that sodding Homebrew thing. Which I hate. Upgrade dude.
So these are pre-built DMG packages that jstt install right out of the bag. Nice. You also get Mix-ide. Forget that for now. What’s so nice about AlethZero, is that it’s Ether mining for the GPU, as well as the CPU, and I think mining rigs, although I haven’t investigated that yet. Like everything else to do with Ethereum and Bitcoin – There are NO instructions. One rubbish Video clip on Youtube that is like two years old. Shees.
You see, that’s what happens when everyone starts saying “No point now, the Chinese made all the money, don’t bother.”
But having said that, it’s actually pretty easy to figure out, and a nice GUI interface to go with it.
Again – don’t bother until your blocks are synchronised.

You will note that so far – I haven’t installed anything with Homebrew. That is so last year. If this is the technology that is taking over the world – then someone had better get off their butt, and create some decent software to run it all, and Instruction manuals.

The bottom line is. Yes, mining is slow, even for Bitcoin and Ethereum. But given the prices for both now, even small grains are becoming expensive. Look at it this way. No one throws out the gold dust in the bottom of the pan, just because its not a 5oz nugget do they…

More to come ….