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Where to find Quantum Radio, when all you want is music. Just the Music. No talk, no chat, no advertising. Just the music…
Well, lets start with the home system. Quantum Radio uses SAM Broadcaster Pro, automation software by Spacial Audio. So that’s a good place to start.

  1. Quantum Radio – Direct from Spacial. This provides a direct stream from Spacial’s US servers, via the Web Site link. Opens in a browser page.
  2. Quantum Radio – Direct streaming link. Loads and plays a stream in most browsers and mobile/portable devices.

 Traditional music from Paraguay, sung as well as instrumental, played on harp, guitars, drums and percussion. Richly illustrated 24-page colour booklet with extensive information about the group and each of the pieces in English, German, French and Spanish. Total playing time: 58:06 min.

Featuring music from Arc Music. The name for top quality world and folk music
Paraguay, Traditional Songs & Dances - Elenco Koti
  1. Tres de mayo(instr.)(Julin Alarcn)– 1:45soundclip
  2. Galopera(Mauricio Cardozo Ocampo)– 3:30
  3. Ri confuso(Aparicio Gonzlez)– 3:27
  4. Cielito chopi(instr.)(trad.)– 3:03
  5. Lucerito alba(Eladio Martnez)– 2:59
  6. Che sy che rayhu(instr. harp solo)(Ada Vera)– 3:34
  7. Chokokue kera yvoty(Mauricio Cardozo Ocampo)– 2:21soundclip
  8. Carreta guy(instr.)(Felix Prez Cardozo)– 2:41
  9. Palomita de tres parejas(instr.)(trad., arr. Julin Rejala)– 2:59
  10. Sombrero de palma(instr.)(Papi Orrego)– 2:43
  11. Che trompo aras(Herminio Gimnez/Eduardo Rayo)– 1:46
  12. Londn karap(instr.)(trad., arr. Julin Rejala)– 1:22
  13. Cascada(instr. harp solo)(Digno Garca)– 6:17
  14. Por tu amor mi palomita(Cirilo R. Zayas)– 2:14
  15. Campamento Cerro Len(instr.)(trad.)– 1:29
  16. San Baltazar(Hiplito Snchez Quell/Mauricio Cardozo Ocampo)– 3:38
  17. Zapateo del arriero(instr.)(anon.)– 1:55
  18. Chipera Luque(Emilio Bobadilla Cceres/Daro Gmez Serrato)– 2:32soundclip
  19. Gallito cantor(instr.)(Jos Asuncin Flores)– 1:29
  20. Pjaro campana(instr. harp solo)(Flix Prez Cardozo)– 3:48
  21. Viva el bravo Paraguay(Manuel D. Gmez/Juan Alfonso Ramrez)– 1:34
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Make requests from the extensive playlist. [CLICK HERE] Explore the entire playlist!


Opens in a new browser window. Requests go on the end of the queue – usually 5 songs.

You will also find Quantum Radio listed on Shoutcast, Icecast, TuneRadio, AppleTV Radio, iTunes Radio and others like AudioRealm.


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