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See what's playing now & what's playing next.
Make requests from the extensive playlist. [CLICK HERE] Explore the entire playlist!


Opens in a new browser window. Requests go on the end of the queue - usually 5 songs.

Search for Quantum Radio on TuneIn Streaming, on Sonos, on Apps on your Smart Phone and Desktop. 

You will also find Quantum Radio listed on Shoutcast, Icecast, TuneRadio, AppleTV Radio, iTunes Radio and others like AudioRealm.  Howerver, to play on your Apple Mac or Device, put this link in to your device.
Mac or PC:
Open iTunes. -> File -> Open Stream and input http://tinyurl.com/Radio-Daze
Then switch to ->Window -> MiniPlayer

iPhone - iPad or any Mac or PC: Open your browser - Paste this into your URL address bar. http://tinyurl.com/Radio-Daze