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 Traditional music from Paraguay, sung as well as instrumental, played on harp, guitars, drums and percussion. Richly illustrated 24-page colour booklet with extensive information about the group and each of the pieces in English, German, French and Spanish. Total playing time: 58:06 min.

Featuring music from Arc Music. The name for top quality world and folk music
Paraguay, Traditional Songs & Dances - Elenco Koti
  1. Tres de mayo(instr.)(Julin Alarcn)– 1:45soundclip
  2. Galopera(Mauricio Cardozo Ocampo)– 3:30
  3. Ri confuso(Aparicio Gonzlez)– 3:27
  4. Cielito chopi(instr.)(trad.)– 3:03
  5. Lucerito alba(Eladio Martnez)– 2:59
  6. Che sy che rayhu(instr. harp solo)(Ada Vera)– 3:34
  7. Chokokue kera yvoty(Mauricio Cardozo Ocampo)– 2:21soundclip
  8. Carreta guy(instr.)(Felix Prez Cardozo)– 2:41
  9. Palomita de tres parejas(instr.)(trad., arr. Julin Rejala)– 2:59
  10. Sombrero de palma(instr.)(Papi Orrego)– 2:43
  11. Che trompo aras(Herminio Gimnez/Eduardo Rayo)– 1:46
  12. Londn karap(instr.)(trad., arr. Julin Rejala)– 1:22
  13. Cascada(instr. harp solo)(Digno Garca)– 6:17
  14. Por tu amor mi palomita(Cirilo R. Zayas)– 2:14
  15. Campamento Cerro Len(instr.)(trad.)– 1:29
  16. San Baltazar(Hiplito Snchez Quell/Mauricio Cardozo Ocampo)– 3:38
  17. Zapateo del arriero(instr.)(anon.)– 1:55
  18. Chipera Luque(Emilio Bobadilla Cceres/Daro Gmez Serrato)– 2:32soundclip
  19. Gallito cantor(instr.)(Jos Asuncin Flores)– 1:29
  20. Pjaro campana(instr. harp solo)(Flix Prez Cardozo)– 3:48
  21. Viva el bravo Paraguay(Manuel D. Gmez/Juan Alfonso Ramrez)– 1:34
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